Low Tenor Instrument

The Low Tenor Instrument also called the tenor, Low C, C-Lead, Soprano or Melody Instrument is generally used for melody arrangement in the Steelharmonic Orchestra.

The instrument is made in the 4ths & 5ths chromatic scale from a 55-gallon steel drum.

We use the highest quality steel to ensure the sound and quality of the music is consistent and at the correct pitch.

These handcrafted instruments carry the Kellman and Nkosi brands, represents the highest quality available anywhere in the industry. They are the result of literally thousands of hours of work by the best steel pan manufacturers in the World.

All our instruments bear the highest quality distinction – the Kellman and Nkosi brands.

Bertrand Kellman (the Boss), with over 50 years experience, is internationally recognised as the best steelpan manufacturer, blender and tuner in the World. His work is renowned, respected and revered by all Steelharmonic Orchestras, arrangers and pannist internationally.

Malomo Nkosi with over 20 years experience, is a student of Kellman and produces instrument in the same high-quality range as his Master.

Every aspect of the instrument’s production is carefully controlled and overseen by The Boss or Nkosi so that by the time the instrument is delivered to you, it has gone through a rigorous process to ensure you receive the best.

Some of our more knowledgeable customers compare our instruments to the Rolls Royce Cars or Steinway Pianos.

The steel drums are specifically selected for its type of grade before construction begins.

Thereafter the processes of measuring, sinking, blending and tuning are all skillfully done to ensure each note is given its own individual thickness.

The final process of tweaking, tuning and note adjustment is then conducted to ensure each note is tuned to the correct 44 pitch.

The final product is an instrument that is unmatched for balance and clarity, this gives the pannist an unprecedented range of expression.