Double Second

Double Tenor Instrument

The Double Tenor Instrument, also known as the Double Lead, is made from 2, 55-gallon steel drums.

The Double Tenor Instrument is an extended range of the Low or C Tenor Instrument. It is the most versatile of all the instruments which make up the Steelharmonic Orchestra. The two and one half octave range provides plenty of registers to play chords, melodiesĀ and counter melodies.

Double Tenor Instruments are laid out using an arrangement whereby diatonic major scales are played by alternately playing notes from the left and right instruments, but chromatic scales require two notes from the left instrument followed by two notes from the right instrument followed by two notes from the left instrument and so on.

The Kellman and Nkosi brands consist of over 50 years of steelpan manufacture, experience and innovations, the combination of which guarantees the highest quality handmade instruments, professionally tuned and finished for the best playing and listening pleasure.

The note layouts are all the unique Kellman and Nkosi designs, which are a combination of years of experience and advanced understanding of the physics and geometry of each section of the instrument which makes up the Steelharmonic Orchestra.

Our instruments provide the optimum play-ability and timbral consistency. All instruments are made from specifications, on special steel specific for each type of instrument.

Each instrument is guaranteed to provide the highest quality sound for both player and listener.